Friday, September 21, 2007

Why foundations should care about an open internet

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I've easily posted 1000 words about internet access, the media, and patents as philanthropic issues. So here is the photo that better states the case:

If those in philanthropy care about job creation, education, health, children's rights, elderly involvement, civic engagement, environmental awareness, sustainable communities, economic development, or anything else that involves issues of equity and access to information then "Net Neutrality" matters. Take action here.

Shout out to GOOD Magazine for the photo.

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Sebastian said...

I agree with your concerns, but on the other hand in the present situation content provider companies duplicate on daily basis the amount of technical, infrastructure and bandwidth necessities that that their solutions need to operate. Typical high demanding solutions are video and television on demand platforms, top search engines and rich media content offered through their systems. These companies earn lots of money each quarter based on these developments and the advertising revenue generated by their platforms.
Meanwhile, data carrier companies have to raise the bar increasing and duplicating their infrastructures to serve their consumers, receiving the same economic pay from their users and no economic retribution from the content providers companies.
It is hard but I believe that a solution must be establish in order to attend all people's needs.
hugs!, Sebastian