Monday, September 24, 2007

When it all comes together

What if a vaunted name in prizes tried to start a new philanthropic prize in an emerging technology field, promising Hollywood-level buzz and money?

It would all be a hoax.

A hoax documented by professional journalists, even while those involved were Googling or Wikipedia-ing all kinds of information that would have encouraged them to continue talking with Michael Nobel, Great-Grandnephew of Alfred (Nobel, of Nobel Prize fame), about a new prize for nanotechnology.

Media, prizes, celebrity, new technology, old journalism - I almost thought I was making this up as I read it in the paper today. (I'm six days into a course of antibiotics and pain meds, so strange things are likely). And just to make things weirder, I could not find the article on the paper's Internet site, but only in hard copy, The New York Times, print copy, National Edition, p c6. Here is a news post about the whole thing from the Nano Science and
Technology Institute.


Anonymous said...

Dr.Michael Nobel never did introduce himself as chairman of the Nobel Family Society which the organizers of Nanotech had stated in their previous press-release.He clearly stated that he was the actual chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation(which he in fact is)and proposed to make the announcement of these new awards in that name…Dr.Nobel also had pointed out in several mails to the organizers the incorrect information in their initial press-release and asked that corrections were to be made but that was totally ignored by them.As for the $25.000,although a payment may be uncommon in such cases as this…this particular amount was intended for the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation and not for a personal use like media have suggested on different occasions.The fact that he wishes to use his own,personal name for such a cause as this should not in any way be held against him as the NCTF is created and operated in and for a charitable and educational purpose and cause.
To furthermore increase the distance between the “Nobel-Prizes” we’ve chosen to call these awards the “Michael Nobel Energy Award”,a name which couldn’t nor shouldn’t in no way be confused or misinterpreted with the prizes that are being ditribuated on the 10th of December!!!
Finally,as for the claim made by the Nobel Foundation in sweden that Dr.Nobel did not have the family’s support…the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation is created by three members of the board of directors of the Nobel Family Society and one of the founders also is the actual head of the Nobel family which all gives Dr.Michael Nobel a very strong support.
We,the four founders of the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation feel that alternative energy(as we’re all aware that our natural resources will not last forever)and our enviroment is of highest priority in our every-day life and most certainly for the generations to come!!!
Philip Nobel,Gustaf Nobel,Michael Nobel,Peter Nobel.

Anonymous said...

Michael was not born Nobel, but Oleinikoff, and then changed his name (for some reason??) so that would be a more suitable name for his foundation.

Neither Philip, Gustaf, Michel nor Peter is the "actual head of the Nobel family" and both the Nobel foundation and the elected head of the Nobel Family disaprove of the "Michael Nobel energy award"