Monday, September 17, 2007

Giving Channel Launches!

View Bill Clinton: A Call to Action on
View Bill Clinton: A Call to Action on

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the Giving Channel.

With the help of friends (old and new) from foundations and media across the U.S. and Europe, Brian Gruber of and my colleagues from Blueprint Research & Design unveiled this new resource for individual donors, social entrepreneurs, foundation staff, and community leaders.

Featured programming
As the inaugural featured content for the Giving Channel, I’ve selected five videos that show the range of issues, strategies, and interests that make up philanthropy in our day and age. Hear President Bill Clinton describe the relationship between philanthropy, capital markets, and public service. A panel discussion on voluntarism reminds us that giving time is as important as giving money. Conversations about social entrepreneurs and corporate social responsibility demonstrate the many ways that individuals and enterprises contribute to community. A discussion of water issues around the globe puts philanthropy into an important larger context – that of the problems it is trying to solve. And, finally, Arthur Brooks' book, Who Really Cares? presents some important and controversial research about giving in America and reminds us that everything is political. Let me know what you think, You can join the discussion on the channel as well.

Upcoming Features
Next we’ll get ready for election month with videos that consider giving and philanthropy in political contexts, as well as highlight videos from recent foundation conferences. After that look for features on Philanthropy, Wealth, Race, and Gender; and Giving in a Global World. Suggest content for these ideas, as well as other features you’d like to see by emailing me,

View Blending the Private and Social Sectors on
View Blending the Private and Social Sectors on

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The Green Skeptic said...

Wow! Congratulations, Lucy. This is fantastic.