Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Solutions Magazine

Solutions Magazine, which started in 2004 and then seemed to go undercover, may be back.

Published by undergraduates at Stanford University, the magazine provides good coverage of social enterprise with an emphasis on what college-age students are making happen. If they can keep publishing, this could be a great resource to connect students across college campuses, build networks of young social entrepreneurs and social enterprise, and show us old folks how change happens. Only trick - posting/publishing more regularly than every few months. C'mon - you can do it! Maybe we can even galvanize a network of 'graduates' to support/prod/learn from these solution-oriented students. I'll help. Anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

The student who started Solutions, Tony Wang, is terrific and is writing a honors thesis about social entrepreneurship that will itself be of interest to many folks. He and the whole enterprise are well worth supporting!