Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, I guess its an obvious derivative from micro-finance. Microphilanthropy - otherwise known as group fundraising - is my Second Buzzword of the Year (Hyperlocal was the first).

OK, annoying derivative name aside, Peter Deitz is doing us all a favor by tracking these developments and how they are assisted by the web. Check out the First-of-its-Kind site, particularly the "what it is" page. He's tracking weekly top ten campaigns - check them out here. Thanks to Beth Kanter for pointing me to this.

At least its not called microphilanthropyr, googl-anthropy, e-lanthropy, iphilanthropy, or some other such nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy, I'm a regular reader of Philanthropy 2173.

As I checked my RSS feeds before going to bed last night, I was pleased to find my project blogged here.

I've just updated the Google Map, so you can now see the geographic distribution of micro-philanthropy campaigns submitted to the Foik network.

Thanks again for blogging my efforts. -Peter

Anonymous said...

Hmm .. what about citizen philthanthropy?