Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open Research for Giving (ORG)

I posted here about leveraged philanthropy and the many forms in which it comes. Think about all the different ways people share information and make decisions - and all the ways transparency is being re-deployed thanks to the Internet. BioMed Central - an independent publisher of science journals - is a wonderful example of what is possible. Authors/institutions pay to get the work published. Readers read for free. (As David Weinberger of JOHO notes, "Because putting knowledge behind a wall with a slot for dollar bills makes our species stupider.")

Reviews are public. Revisions are public. Resubmissions are public. You can see raw data. You can reach your own conclusions. You can disagree, agree, push for more research.

NPR's blog on Rough Cuts is another good example. The behind-the-scenes look at making a new radio program - go ahead, tell 'em what you think.

We're getting there - close to a place where real analysis, research and data that can inform giving (ahem, please note the acronym in this post's title) might fly. And let me know if you hate the acronym (I do).

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