Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Philanthropy Magazines

There are several new philanthropy magazines to note (or not).

Benefit Magazine focuses on San Francisco. Good is for the young, hip givers among us. And then there is Grazie! The Art of Giving, which I haven't seen yet (has anyone?).

All of this as the Council on Foundations folded Foundation News, effective November 2006.

I've been told (although I haven't seen it) that Benefit features a story on ABADA Capoiera, an amazing program in San Francisco's Mission District. Full disclosure: I'm told the photo that accompanies the story shows my 6-year old son doing a parata! Anyone who wants to send me a copy, please feel free.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy,

Yes, the recent Benefit magazine does feature an article on Capoeira. Have emailed you a pdf.

Benefit seems to be a very well intentioned effort, which hopefully will mature and grow with time. The second issue, in addition to the Capoeira article, features a 6-page B&W photo documentary of individuals experiencing homelessness, followed immediately by 6-page color spread of the young and beautiful shopping for new gala cloths.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

Anonymous said...

HealthCare Volunteer also publishes results and volunteering trends in the health volunteering sector at


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

Another new kid on the block. Philanthropy Management - The business of giving

Here's a link to the preview