Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One minute, please

Big Data. It's gotta be a buzzword, doncha think?

I'll get to that, but in the meantime I wanted to share this visual, created by DOMO, of how much data gets created, sent, moved every minute of the day. A friend emailed it to me - the original came from visualnews. Put all these 1s and 0s together, throw an algorithm or one thousand at them, and, yep, we're talking biiiiiig data.

FYI, at the #recodegood charrette last week one of the participants noted, "What we don't know about big data - what it means to have all this information stored, possibly forever, aggregatable and separate from us as individuals - is at least as big as the data themselves."

More soon.

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Justin said...

Great visual! It just goes to show that our lives have turned from collecting data to managing and filtering the overwhelming quantity of it. Maybe this data overload is why so many of us just seek out data and facts that agree with our own world view.