Friday, June 08, 2012


Four answers to several questions:

A: Forty-six in nine countries.
Q. How many chapters of the Awesome Foundation are there?

A. 2009
Q: When did Awesome Foundation start?

A: The power of networks, good ideas easily replicated, and people like you. Plus, the Institute on Higher Awesome Studies.
Q: How did it grow so fast?

A: Awesome Summit, MIT Media Lab, July 23, 2012 (Register here)
Q: Where can I go to hack on peer-to-peer giving, democratizing grants, and making our communities more awesome?
Q: How can I get involved in redesigning philanthropy for the 21st Century?
Q: I want to help foster decentralized organizations and open brands, encourage engaged donors, and conjure up the legal and political infrastructure we need, where can I go?

I go to a lot of conferences. Many of them I'd be happy to miss. This is one I'm really sorry not to be able to attend. You should go to the Awesome Summit and tell me all about it. Thanks.

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