Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Impact investing, philanthropy and the new social economy

In May the #ReCoding Good project looked at philanthropy, impact investing and the new social economy. Here's the recap on the charrette from the ongoing "From the Field" series in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

This month we're looking at Digital Public Goods - here are some of the resources for our discussion. I'm grateful to the folks at Stanford's design school who are helping organize this upcoming charrette.

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Lucy Bernholz said...

Great comment on this sent to me via email from Stephen Viederman - posted here by permission:
"Lucy, from a friend, beware of the term "impact". Conceptually interesting, but I would suggest in most cases it is really 'outcome,' not to add another adjective to an already crowded field.

If the investment is to build housing for the poor, the outcome is new and better housing, one would hope. The impact will be whether the housing helps to create community, etc. And that cannot be 'measured' for some time. New housing in Baltimore was correlated with a rise in crime. What would appear to be the proximate cause: the old houses had porches on which the moms and grandmoms sat, being in a good sense, a neighborhood watch. The new houses had stoops which were unsitable.

Malaria nets will reduce malaria, which is good, but the impacts can have a number of good and less good impacts.

Look for the predictable surprises.