Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#takebackthepink - reflection roundup

I wanted to put links to five reflection blogs on #takebackthepink all in one place. Here they are, linked below. I've added a brief "reflection reflection."






Reflection reflection - five blog posts, five very different takes on the same shared efforts. Amy Sample Ward looks at it all from community organizing perspective. Beth as an opportunity to constantly measure and learn. Allison captures the essence of the "people power" that makes something like this happen. Lisa looks at the many types of free agents. Stephanie keeps going with the graphics and the facebook presence. And I wonked out on accountability and governance questions.

Which says to me that everyone involved had their own reasons for taking part. We shared some things and not others. We acted on the common concern but brought lots of other interests to it and took away several different lessons. I can only assume this is true for the thousands of others who participated in some way.

I'm also struck by the number of different media tools we used - google docs, email, blogs, twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+, various analytic toolsets, news reporters. Oh, yeah, we also watched a football game on television (at least, I watched it on TV; others probably streamed it through their eyeglasses or something.)

The reflection document is here. It includes several other media posts and some social media metrics and graphics.

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