Monday, December 19, 2011

Philanthropy Buzzword 2011.9 - Amplify

Is it a social media thing? Have we given up on leverage? Scale?

Without a doubt, 2011 was the year of "amplifying" philanthropy. A few examples:

And on and on and on. My, it's getting loud in here.

Here's the list of 2011 Philanthropy Buzzwords.

In honor of the recession-that-experts-say-is-over-but-tell-that-to-the-unemployed, I'm only doing 9 Buzzwords this year. Everyone has to cut back.

.1 Social Impact Bond
.2 Collective Impact
.3 Storytelling
.4 Charitable Tax Reform
.5 Infographics
.6 Evidence-based

.7 Shapeshifting
.8 Disruption
.9 Amplify

I'm just kidding.  Stay tuned - in the interest of collective impact, multi-platform storytelling, and disrupting the status quo, I'm trying something new this year.  The 10th buzzword of the year will be announced in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on December 27th. They'll have the full list and reveal the buzzword you've all been waiting for. 

Buzzword 2011.10 - ....


Kyle Reis said...


"Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom" -Sir Francis Bacon

Perhaps it is also time to amplify the beauty of silence.

Nancy Cole said...

What do Philanthropy, Music, and Hair Care have in common?

Jana Byington-Smith, CFRE said...

I'm sensing a future annoying buzzword coming on: Ecology!

Social media ecology, Communications ecology, Retention ecology, silo ecology, domain ecology, platform ecology...

Anonymous said...

I vote for data

Anonymous said...

platform is everywhere

David Lynn said...


Lucy Bernholz said...

Several votes via twitter for Impact Investing.

FYI this was buzzword 2009.10!