Saturday, April 17, 2010

A confluence of conferences

I made it out of the UK on the last plane to leave Heathrow before all air space was shut down.

Having had the honor of being in Oxford during the Oxford Internet Institute's Unleashing Philanthropy conference (slides and speech here, tweets at #oiiphil), OxfordJam and the Skoll World Forum 2010, I've made it back to San Francisco in time for the Global Philanthropy Forum and the Goldman Environmental Prizes.

Sunday night it is my honor to help kick off the Global Philanthropy Forum, along with the Case Foundation and at a Social Innovation Fair. The fair features the following:

Monday night at the GPF the winners of the Vodafone Wireless Innovation Challenge will be announced. On Tuesday night the Conrad Hilton Foundation Humanitarian prize will be awarded.

Also on Monday night, at the San Francisco Opera House, the 2010 Awards Ceremony for the The Goldman Environmental Prize takes place. (It is a shame about the overlap)

Tweets from GPF will be coming from @gpforg and hashtagged at #gpf2010

Tweets from Goldman Prize will be hashtagged at #GEP10
(although the SF Opera House has notoriously bad cell reception, City Hall, where the after party rocks, is much better.)

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