Monday, April 19, 2010

Conference confluence update

The great volcanic disruption continues - with impact on millions of people's lives. It has also accelerated a lot of well-planned conferences into even better, more integrated use of livestreaming, twitter, etc..

The funniest new media comment on the volcano? Those following updates on Twitter are urged to use #ashtag as the, um, hashtag.

The best version of lemonade from lemons? Those who took advantage of the stranded social entrepreneurs in the Oxford/London area and launched #TEDxVolcano.

Back to business - following up on the post on the Global Philanthropy Forum, which started last night, please note the correct hashtag is #gpf2010. Also note the conference is live streaming sessions to London and Paris for those who can't get to California. Details are here.

Tonight is the award ceremony for the Goldman Environmental Prize - here's the list of winners.
The organizations run by the winners all get linked to Global Greengrants, so you can make a grant to support their work directly. This is one of the simplest, and smartest, leveraging tactics I've seen from a prize program.

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