Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Headlines of a downturn

On Sunday The New York Times ran stories on philanthropy under the following headlines:

Charities Fear Cuts Will Wound the Needy

In Downturn, Charities Face Needs of Their Own

Nonprofits Say Needs Are Great, Cash Is Short

Charities Struggling With Their Own Needs

Billionaire Offers Arts Bailout in Los Angele
This is not a methodologically sound attempt at content or media analysis. But it did make me wonder about something that ties into the "debate" about wither philanthropic giving this year. Some data show that recessions don't affect giving all that much and pundits are expecting giving to remain flat or even go up in 2008 (as compared to 2007).

I've been the harbinger of doom, because that possibility just doesn't make sense to me - as I've written here, here, here, and here. So it occurred to e to ask about the data sources as a whole - and here's what I'm noticing..

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