Tuesday, November 25, 2008

$10,000, 48 Hours, One Classroom - ready, set, tweet

Tweetsgiving - a 48 hour attempt to raise $10,000 to build a classroom in Tanzania - is off and running - they've raised $3300 in first 8.5 hours, been covered by Tom Watson, and are filling up my twitter feed. Great day to launch - following the Chronicle of Philanthropy's live discussion of the power of these tools - online here.

And, since Tweetsgiving encroaches on my favorite subject of buzzword creation, I'll just segue over there for a minute. I learned a new buzzword today - cyberchondria - which may take a prize for "best-built buzzword" - onomatopoeic, self-evident, and fun to say!

I'll use this transition to ask which do you prefer - "good gifting" or "thriftanthropy" for the buzzword which has caught a lot of buzz - thanks to everyone who've read it, passed it on, and kept the Huffington Post blog about "good gifting" riding high on the living/giving page for two days in a row.

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