Friday, November 14, 2008

Change The Web 2009

Here I was, thinking about my 2008 end of year predictions and the last few buzzwords for the year when I get a tweet from Peter Deitz and - the next thing I know - its January 2009. Well not really, but it is in Peter's world. The new SocialActions website is live and the "change the web" challenge will be announced in January.

What's the point? Making it easy to take action. Putting action wherever the people are. Letting you be a "click away" from volunteering, giving, petitioning, or any other kind of social action whenever you are online, on your mobile phone, or just about anywhere. Making the web into the philanthropic web. Now that gives another meaning to cross-platform philanthropy. All this "easy" may just help people give.

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Peter Deitz said...

Lucy, you found the easy button. We've been looking for that. Thanks for the shout-out.

Just to clarify, is 'open philanthropic web' now an official buzzword for 2009? I hope so.

All the best,