Friday, September 12, 2008

Philanthropy Hot or Not?

It is September - time to make some predictions for Giving Season - otherwise known as November and December.

In the style of fashion (T), pop culture (Entertainment Weekly), movie ratings (thumbs up/down), and tech magazines (Wired) here is my list of what will be in and out for Giving Season 2008.

I am calling it Fund/Reject but just be clear - my opinion is on which way these things will trend (up = fund, down = reject) not whether I think they practices/concepts/trends themselves are good, bad, or indifferent.
Enjoy the season!


Anonymous said...

Lucy: Thanks for sharing your crystal ball. I wrote a few for longer term --

I'm curious ... why do you think widgets use will go down?

Jason said...

Great post. I am continually surprised at what trends get support and what trends do not. I love the widgets idea but it really does not seem to be working in terms of raising much money. I hope that time will tell on some of these trends.