Friday, July 11, 2008

Tidbits from poolside

When I moved from NYC to California 20 years ago I probably dreamed that one day I'd spend my workdays lounging poolside, making phone calls while sipping cool drinks. Of course, clueless New Yorker that I was, I moved to San Francisco, where I have never once sat by a pool.

Anyway, it is a summer Friday, and I am, in fact, sitting by a pool. However, I happen to be in Florida, where it so hot and muggy that being immersed in water seems to be the only way to survive. I'm here visiting my parents, and all I'll say is this - side of pool beats side of hospital bed, any day, anywhere.

So, some blog tidbits....

How to be a billionaire....or at least how to write about them...

Now online at The Century Foundation...with more than 1100 billionaires around the world its time the rest of us learned a bit about them and their impact...TCF is hosting a series of conversations for journalists and then posting the videos, called Billionaires and their Impact. What kind of impact? Philanthropic? Tax paying? Job creating? Polluting? You'll have to watch to find out. The sessions were part of a NYT journalism institute.

Sharing space, incubating philanthropy

Perhaps the time has come for this idea, which was tried in the SF Bay Area back around the first dot-com boom/bust. Check out this post on why shared space, shared ideas, shared philanthropy might make sense now, from the "doing giving differently" blog of the NYC Venture Philanthropy Fund.

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