Thursday, July 10, 2008

kiva + facebook = involver

Kiva has launched a video campaign on Facebook to get more people involved in loaning to micro-enterprises. The campaign is coordinated through Involver - with which you can get involved here.

Now if we just put all this into Google's new virtual world, Lively, where we can mashup maps, view our picasa photos, use online docs (when the site is working), and so on - we will be approaching online social change/social media singularity.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for the mention of our Kiva campaign, we are really excited and it's been a massive success.

As I write this we are really close to 1000 members and 100,000 views of the video (less than 800 views to go and less than 25 people to go) -- Thanks for helping spread the word, people like you putting the word out are what got us here!

Tyler Willis
Director of Marketing, Involver