Sunday, December 30, 2007

Washington Post on kids and giving

The front page of Sunday's Washington Post featured this story on kids and philanthropy. The reporter looks into embedded giving as well as the enormous change in scale of fundraising by kids these days.

Compare the ten or so dollars per Halloween that my siblings and I used to raise for UNICEF to the tens of thousands of dollars raised by kids today. In addition to those examples in the WaPo story, check out what a few teens in the East Bay have done through FundaField to build soccer fields in Africa.

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Amman Imman said...

Integrating philanthropy and activism within a world service curriculum for students has been an important part of a grassroots humanitarian project to bring water to the Azawak valley in West Africa. The Amman Imman project has been partnering with students in Montessori schools around the world to raise awareness and funds for this region that is devoid of water. Children are not only raising money in a philanthropic spirt, but they are also engaging in hand-on activism that as agents of change for the children and families in the Azawak region. Read more in the blog that connects the participating schools and students: