Monday, November 26, 2007

"Making a list, checking it twice..."

Yes, its that time of year - list making time.

  1. I'm working on my top ten philanthropy buzzwords of 2007.
  2. I'm also getting ready to check back in on my 2006 list of "PhilanthropyHype" to see what stuck, what mattered and what was, after all, nothing more than hype. But you have to wait till New Years Eve (or thereabouts for that good stuff).
  3. The New Jew has a list of "Jewish Billionaire Heiresses," adapted a list compiled by Forbes', which is multi-religious.
  4. And Geneva Global and Barron's just published a list of Ten Wise Givers. Hats off to Geneva Global/Barron's - its deliberately not just "big guys" AND they share their methodology. (Full disclosure - we helped. A wee bit.)

I'd make a list of lists, but frankly, that is sooo 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for quoting me.

Be well,

Maya Norton

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