Friday, November 16, 2007

GlobalGiving Guaranteed

What if you are a donor adviser, and one of your clients follows your advice, make a gift, and is then unsatisfied with the outcomes? If you are GlobalGiving, you give that donor his/her money back. Its called GlobalGiving Guaranteed.

I love this idea. Its simple. It requires quality, consistency, and an ability to define success (otherwise you can't define failure). I also like that the way it came into being, which you can read about on Dennis Whittle's blog.

Thanks Dennis, for trying out this idea. This kind of experimentation is what we need to get from where we are to a new kind of philanthropy.


The Green Skeptic said...

A great idea whose time has come. Why shouldn't donor satisfaction be like customer satisfaction? Kudos to GlobalGiving.

For another positive experience, check out what happened to me during the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge.

This kind of stuff gives philanthropy a good name.

Anonymous said...

I guess whether or not you like this idea depends on whether you think donating to a non-profit is like buying a product or like investing in a company. The former is more of a sure thing, the latter is more of a gamble.

Unknown said...

Transparency added to philanthropy brings an essential element. Acknowledging that giving can backfire and blow up installs an impressive new kind of market discipline. Lots to like here. This is giving that is performing like an investment; with the potential of loss factored in. What a great marketing message, too.