Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prize winners...and more prizes

Here's some more news from the prize front. First, the winners:

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced the finalists for the 2007 Games for Health Competition. The winners are:

The finalists in the 2007 Games for Health Competition (Open Competition):

"Open Prototype: Neuromatrix, submitted by Morphonix of Sausalito, Calif.—$20,000
Neuromatrix is a game designed to teach adolescents ages 11-14 about the brain and sustain their interest over time. The game takes players through a series of short movies and games where they participate in a brain exam and make decisions very much like a neurologist would encounter in a real-life setting.

Open Storyboard: Food Finder, Erin Hoffman, Albany, N.Y.—$5,000
Food Finder is an action-packed game envisioned for the Nintendo DS system. It shows children ages 8-14 how to make healthy eating choices through an interactive quest to find nutritious food groups.. As players work through the game, the healthier food choices become harder to find."

In the Student Storyboard (U.S. College Students) competition, the winner is:

"Bizarro Olympics, Team Fun, Indiana University—$5,000
Bizarro Olympics is an interactive video game concept designed for the Nintendo Wii™. This exergame, or video game requiring physical activity for game play, blends the traditional surreal gaming environment with an exercise theme."

For those interested in results of previous mentioned prizes you can check winners below:

The RWJF Games for Health competition is run in partnership with Changemakers - which seems to be going into the philanthropy/prize/competition business. In addition to the Games for Health Competition, Changemakers is in varying stages with the following three additional prize events:

Upcoming Enter Prepare to Vote Vote Winners Announced

And some more philanthropic prizes of note:

The Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. The review process for 2008 begins on August 27 - All applications are due in by September 24, 2007.

The judging for the PBS/NOW Social Enterprise award is underway. Three finalists will be picked by the judging panel (of which I am a member) and then the public can vote for the best of those three.

Other prize competitions - noted here - are still underway, as is MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Competition.

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