Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Luis Ubinas named President of Ford Foundation

Ubinas is a west coast based director of McKinsey & Co., who has worked with media, technology and telecommunications companies. He founded McKinsey's Latino networking and mentoring organization that helps the consulting firm recruit and benefit from a diverse work force. Here is a video clip from Newpolitics. His work on media and technology certainly put him in the thick of key social issues such as the blurring of public and private sector roles, property ownership, access, knowledge, equity, economic development, and community control.

He grew up in New York and attended Harvard College and Harvard Business School. He is married to Deborah L. Tolman, Professor of Human Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University and founding Director of the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.

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Anonymous said...

Is there reasosn to be concerned that Ubinas comes from McKinsey, which gve the world Jeffrey Skilling and other Enron-ers? Doesn't it have a cutthroat reputation which might give one pause?