Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Live and (not) in person...

I am moderating a panel of funders* at the third annual Second Life Community Convention, which starts on Saturday in Chicago. On Saturday, however, I will be home eating Dim Sum in San Francisco, having finished a week long trip to New York, Boston, and San Antonio.


You can participate in the panel and the conference from where ever you happen to be. On the web, the panel discussion is (already) unfolding here. (

You check in on the rest of the conference (on the web) here and get the unfolding panel discussion here and here. And, of course, you can participate in Second Life.

Media can change your life. Not only am I moderating a panel that I'm not attending, on September 16th we'll be launching the Giving Channel on - of which I will be Executive Producer. Who knew? Stay tuned for more on that news. Where ever you are.

*Funder panelists include Benjamin Stokes (MacArthur Foundation), Chinwe Onyekere (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), Allyson Knox (Microsoft Corporation), and Brad Lewis (Learn and Serve America). The "live" moderator will be Barry Joseph, Online Leadership Director, Global Kids who notes that:
"All five presentations will be introduced by Craig Wacker, MacArthur Foundation Program Officer. Two papers will be produced from the SLCC proceedings, one on the Non-profit and Philanthropy Thread and one on the Education Track. Before, during and after the SLCC, two related dialogues will be held on the MacArthur Foundation’s Spotlight Blog ( "

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