Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wishful thinking

Over on SocialEdge, site designer Jason Clark is wishing that Google's purchase of YouTube was actually a purchase of socialedge. Not a bad dream, I guess. As far as making a difference in the world (at least the world beyond the 60+ employees of YouTube and the folks at Sequoia Capital) such a purchase would probably do more good than the one that happened. But, seriously, $1.65 billion? That's real money. For example, at $3 each you could buy more than 500 million LifeStraws. Or vaccinate a billion and half people against malaria at $1 each - which is 3x as many people as are actually infected with malaria each year. Or match, 1:1 or even better, the state expenditures on public K12 education in Mississippi or New Hampshire or Montana or Iowa or Hawaii or Idaho.

In other words, that is a lot of money. It could do a lot of good. And not just by making it easier for me to find the skidboots video.

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