Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PR and blogs

I am not a journalist. I do read a lot of newspapers and a lot of magazines (3 of the former on a daily basis and about 50 of the latter per month). And, sure, I know PR plays a big role in what gets covered as features (and more of the news than I care to think about.)

But I've never before been on the receiving end of PR blitzes. In the last two weeks I have received four solicitations (?), requests(?), promotions (?) to write about other blogs on philanthropy, online resources on philanthropy, or new research on philanthropy.

What amazes me about this? This blog is a teeny tiny fish egg in the massive pond of blogs. For those looking to promote their stuff, it took some effort to find it/me. Maybe I should get some PR firm to help promote this site and our work and make it easier for everybody (tongue firmly in cheek).

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