Tuesday, September 04, 2012

What can data do for philanthropy?

(Photo from Alliance Magazine)

I had the privilege and fun of co-editing with colleagues from The Foundation Center the special issue of Alliance Magazine, "What can data do for philanthropy?" The issue is out to subscribers and online now.

In addition to editing, which I was involved in only so far as identifying topics/authors and requesting submissions (the professionals from Alliance and Foundation Center did the real work of editing), I also imagined a future for philanthropy in which data are a starting place, not an afterthought. I called it Data-first Philanthropy and it's included in the special section of the Magazine. (pdf) (Thank you Alliance, for making the pdf available)

Other articles in the section include:


Bradford Smith said...

If you had asked any of us as little as five years ago whether there would ever be interest in an entire magazine devoted to the topic of data in philanthropy the answer would most likely have been "no." But here we are in an era where philanthropy is waking up to the potential of its own data and the much broader world of Big Data. Thanks to editors of Alliance for their vision, hard work and gentle but persistent "nudging" of Lucy and the Foundation Center to make this issue a reality.

Lucy Bernholz said...

You are SO right about how far we are from 5 years ago. That said, as I know you also believe, we are at the BEGINNING of what can be done. Makes it all the more fun!

I've been a long time fan and persistent provoker of the Foundation Center - working with your colleagues on this issue was an honor and a delight! I will continue on as a "never satisfied, critical, fan, user, supporter" of The Foundation Center