Thursday, September 06, 2012

Challenging Lessons in Innovation

The Knight Foundation is in the midst of their News Challenge focused on Mobile (applications due by September 10) You can apply, get  tips on submitting a great proposal, attend "office hours," and review lessons the Foundation has learned from past challenges. It's fun to have been part of the team working with Knight to learn from the News Challenge and rewarding to see the Foundation sharing what they learn through reports, blogs, and conversations.

I co-wrote (With Knight Foundation staff Michael Maness and Mayur Patel) a blog post about the Challenge's past challenges (and successes). The post is live on Knight's site, as is the full report. The Foundation also visualized some of the ideas, Six Ways to Scale, as well as reflections on failed attempts, "How Ideas can Stall."

(Graphics courtesy of Knight Foundation)

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