Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Philanthropy Buzzword 2012.4 - "Sensemaking"

Lisa Philp suggested Sensemaking as a buzzword back in December 2011. I've been on the lookout and she's right - it's everywhere.

From Beth Kanter on using Facebook.
A list of blog posts on collaboration and sensemaking from the Hybrid Vigor Institute.

As a tagline for a consulting firm working with Markets for Good

As part of the study title in understanding giving in corporations.

Me in SSIR

Sense making is what buzzword number three (data scientists) do with buzzword number one (data). 

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Lisa Philp said...


Here’s another example--a quote from a program director at a large, national foundation--in the Scanning the Landscape 2.0 (hyperlink: guide from GrantCraft:

“One of the primary benefits of scanning is ’sense-making,’ and visuals and frameworks can play a major role toward that end.”

Thanks, Lisa