Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Philanthropy Buzzword 2012.3 - data scientist

I already called "data" as this year's first buzzword. Those who make sense of it, visualize it, and re-imagine how to use it are also worthy of a shout out. Here's a great description of what data scientists do. I love the euphonious name of the big data company where I found that blog - Dataspora, which can actually be pronounced as da-TA-spora (though they may pronounce it data-spora)

This is one of those buzzwords that will have staying power - at least if these predictions about future careers are true. In true data scientist fashion here is an infographic of these data -

(from Mashable)

My favorite thing about data scientist as a buzzword? One of my favorite data scientists, Jake Porway of DataKind, tells me the term is already morphing into "insight scientists." Guess we'll wait for 2013 to claim that one.

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