Sunday, August 07, 2011

Buzzword 2011.2 - Collective Impact

The idea of government, nonprofits, the public, and commercial businesses working together is not new. A useful term for this - collective impact - was coined by FSG in an article published early in 2011 in SSIR and has helped raise the idea to prominence. Our growing realization that "there are no silver bullets, we can't do this alone" is also helping spread interest in working together.

The definition given in the article is "broad cross sector coordination." An important element to this coordination is sharing data, which is discussed in this video from TEDxCincy featuring the executive director of STRIVE, one of the examples featured in the Collective Impact article.

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Carrie said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for mentioning collective impact as a buzzword. In the coming years, we hope that collective impact will be the approach that organizations use to move the needle on serious and complex issues around the world.

Here's a series of short videos we've created to help build a collective impact movement:

Many thanks!
Carrie and the FSG team