Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sharing Economy

I want to get some ideas up here in short form. I hope to add more thoughts on these next short form posts.

Sharing Economy

Number Six on 2010's Buzzword list was "co-" as in co-housing, co-working, co-car ownership. It was shorthand for the elements of the sharing economy that are really well captured in Lisa Gansky's The Mesh, Rachel Botsman's What's Mine is Yours, and on This past weekend I attended a GREAT conference on this issue and have a long list of people and organizations* with whom I want to follow up.

Let me just put it this way - if 5% of what these folks are working on comes to pass we will see the reorganization of our society as we know it. I mean it. Government will be different, business will be different, and therefore, philanthropy and the independent sector will be different.

*Short list:
Sustainable Economies Law Center

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy, really glad you came to ShareSF, and thanks for the kind words about our event.

-Neal Gorenflo
Shareable Magazine