Monday, March 14, 2011

Public/Private and Who Decides?

(#biblionews conference logo)

Regular readers of this blog know that my guiding intellectual question is "What's public, what's private, and who decides?" This question sent me to grad school. It defined my dissertation. It guided me into philanthropy. It informs my daily work.

Earlier today I was reading about computational research and the social sciences. Were I working on my PhD today, I might be focused on social networks and not philanthropy. Today mobile phones, Facebook, and YouTube are the places to think about what's public and what's private - in general and as they relate to social change.

So - OF COURSE - I'm interested in the Beyond Books conference on libraries, journalism, and their shared missions of information transparency and civic engagement. Now, how do I go about getting myself there when I need to be somewhere else?

PS: Happy #piday

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