Sunday, December 26, 2010

Philanthropy Buzzword 2010.10 - Giving Pledge

Nothing says philanthropy in 2010 like "The Giving Pledge."

Well, except maybe the depressing reality that more Americans than ever before say they can't give to charity this year. Or that most of us will be doing our best to give the same amount we gave last year and many of us have no choice but to give less.

I had to move this to the top of the list, just based on the number of Google hits - (9,570,000 ), intensity of sycophantic posts about it, and its role as discussion starter.

Here's the year's entire list:

2010.10 - Giving Pledge
2010.9 - Markets for Good
2010.8 Crowdfunding
2010.7 - Chugger
2010.6 - Co
2010.5 - Charity washing
2010.4 - Curator
2010.3 - Networked
2010.2 - Sector Agnostic
2010.1 - Scale

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