Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Publications

Ah, December, time to reflect on the year gone by.

2010 was wonderfully productive on the writing front. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and used Disrupting Philanthropy, the breakout publication of the year. But it wasn't the only thing I wrote - here are several other publications from the last twelve months.

The MacArthur Foundation Series on Field Building:

Changing the Ecosystems of Change

Building Fields for Policy Change

Border Crossing: Working Across Sectors for Social Purpose

Building to Last: Field Building as Philanthropic Strategy

In addition to the above papers in the MacArthur series, I also published the following:

Disrupting Philanthropy: The Future of Technology and the Social Sector

In Philanthropy UK Newsletter, Alliance Magazine, Alliance article on banks and philanthropy.

Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2010 (Kindle edition, sale price)

Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2011 (preview)
Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2011 (purchase)

You can find several other papers, speeches and databases on my Scribd page. Presentations are posted on Slideshare.

Video - from the DataJam, Foundation Center and NYU Heyman Center (forthcoming)

Audio - including inaugural Foundation Center #Glasspockets Podcast.

Phew! Can't wait for 2011.

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