Friday, January 08, 2010

Conferences I've got my eyes on

I don't have time to do a full round up of conferences that matter before some of them actually happen. So, here's a quick, dirty and terribly incomplete list of conversations I want to be part of virtually or in person. Please let me know what you're going to, what's new and must-attend, and whether or not you'll be live tweeting/blogging/video covering...I'll try for more info and more complete listing.

Email readers: Please check blog directly as the list keeps growing, and there are additions in the comments.

Addition: This is just through Q1 and Q2 - not yet thinking about the Fall.

Live tweets coming out of #CES from the FCC (live Friday Jan 8)

Stanford Social-M Challenge
January 9, 2010, Stanford, CA

World's Fair Use Day
January 12, 2010 Washington DC

Design Revolution RoadShow
Starting February and crossing the country

New Partners for Smart Growth
Feb 4 - 6 Seattle, WA

Feb 11 - 13, Hyderabad, India

Feb 13-14, Washington, DC

Diversifying Participation: Digital Media and Learning Conference
February 18-20, La Jolla, CA

IMAGINE Solutions
Feb 22-23, Naples, FL

THIS JUST IN (Thanks to Lemelson Foundation)
March Madness for the Mind
March 25-27, San Francisco, CA

April 8-10 Atlanta, GA

April 12-14, Pittsburgh, PA

Skoll World Forum
April 14-16, Oxford, UK

Global Philanthropy Forum
April 18-21, Redwood City, CA

Revisioning Value
April 26-27 Portland, OR

Social Enterprise Alliance World Summit
April 28-30 2010 San Francisco

I'm also tracking several of these from O'Reilly, especially Publishing Tools of Change and Gov 2.0 and


Susan Promislo said...

Lucy - we've tried to pull together a similar list on Pioneering Ideas ( You've highlighted some really interesting ones.

Lucy Bernholz said...

Thanks! What a great list and hats off for crowdsourcing it. Lots of great stuff happening.

Lucy Bernholz said...

Late addition

THIS JUST IN (Thanks to Lemelson Foundation)
March Madness for the Mind
March 25-27, San Francisco, CA

Lucy Bernholz said...

And yet another

IMAGINE Solutions
Feb 22-23, Naples, FL

Mary at PFS said...

Usually this isn't a groundbreaking conference, but it is useful and inspiring for trustees and staff of family foundations: Council on Foundations' Family Philanthropy conference in San Diego, Jan 31-Feb 2.

Darwin Cruz said...

There's a new conference called !deation Conference, with it's inaugural event happening April 5-6 in Long Beach, CA.

The theme is "Love Human. Do Good." and it's focused on humanitarian efforts and organizations.

Lucy Bernholz said...

and I just learned about this - ask the BIG questions at

Wisdom 2.0
April 30-May 1, Silicon Valley, CA
Tech meets mindfulness

Andy said...

Social Venture Partners Intl.
October 21-23, 2010
Long Beach, California

SVPI is one of the largest networks of engaged philanthropists.

Lucy Bernholz said...

Girls In Tech
January 26, Silicon Valley, CA

Lucy Bernholz said...

Add this to the list

Gov2.0 LA
Feb 5-7, Los Angeles
Thanks for the tip @digitalsista!

Lucy Bernholz said...

Nice list of design/Tech conferences on this blog

Lucy Bernholz said...

Here's a great list of conferences

Lucy Bernholz said...

Can't believe I left this off original list. Sigh. Must have been because of my own calendar conflict

Unite for Sight
April 17-18, New Haven, CT