Friday, October 03, 2008

88 Against 8

ATTENTION: This post is blatantly (and proudly) self-interested.

The legendary pianist, Leon Fleisher, is appearing in a special benefit concert "88 Against 8" to raise funds for the No on 8 Campaign. The concert is October 21 in San Francisco, tickets require a minimum donation of $500. All proceeds from the concert will go to the No on 8 Campaign. This is the campaign to defeat Proposition 8 on California's ballot, which would deprive same sex couples of the right to marry. More information is here. If you can't attend, you can still donate here: (donations are not tax deductible).

And please vote - just because both vice-presidential candidates threw me and my right to marry under a bus, doesn't mean you have to.

Full disclosure: Leon Fleisher is my father-in-law. Or he will (continue to) be, if Proposition 8 is defeated and my June nuptials aren't taken away.

If I wanted to make this post relevant to the major issues of this blog, I would point out the enormous philanthropic effort, donations of cash, goods and time, that is making this political campaign possible. But you knew that. I'd also point out the fact that my marraige has become an issue for voters is a poignant example of how issues of public and private get framed in our society - the realm in which we often consider philanthropy.

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