Monday, March 11, 2013

Connecting NGOs, Data, and Data Experts

Here are some interesting developments on the "data and NGO" front:

I've written about DataKind before - a new nonprofit that facilitates connections between data scientists and nonprofits. Check here for upcoming events.*

Here's an event hosted by NESTA in the UK - doing a one day event on April 29 to help NGOs maximize their data impact.

Kaggle, a company that matches data scientists to other companies, has launched KaggleConnect to help enterprises find the data expertise they need.

TechSoupGlobal has "spun in" a new enterprise, called Caravan Studios, helping NGOs develop apps and data driven tools.  Here's one they're working on - Safe Night.

Stanford PACS is hosting a GoodJobs CodeJam on open data, jobs, and the social sector. We're bringing together student teams with experts from the social sector, data, tech, and investors, with a variety of open data sets. We're thrilled to be partnering with the White House on this and are actively seeking connections to other hackathons, the Gates Grand Data Interoperability Challenge, and other efforts.

*I'm a proud member of DataKind's advisory board.

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