Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 philanthropy buzzword predictions

I have a half-drafted post on 3D printing - which I was going to upload as the first Philanthropy Buzzword of the year. President Obama's mention of the technology in his #SOTU certainly caught my attention.

But I think privacy is actually going to be the bigger theme of 2013 - data privacy, online personal privacy, privacy policies on websites and about data usage. I think we're going to all start wondering "Why don't I own my own data? And why aren't I in charge of what happens with it?" (There are plenty of privacy issues associated with 3D printing)

So, for something new and different this year, I'm asking you to chime in on which of these two concepts you think we'll all be talking about, experimenting with, reading about, possibly funding, possibly failing to comprehend in 2013 -
  • 3D printing and its accompanying "tangible data" implications OR
  • Privacy, personal, online, data-related
Chime in in the comments or tweet me at @p2173. Both concepts will, no doubt, make the final 2013 philanthropy buzzword list but which should come first?

I'd also welcome your thoughts on why they matter to philanthropy and civil society. And, sure, go ahead, suggest some other buzzwords for the year while you're at it. Thanks.

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