Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Data for us all

The 2013 Blueprint relied on a number of data sources, including the fourth annual Nonprofit Finance Fund's survey. That survey relies on you - please take 10 minutes between now and February 15 to fill out the survey for this year. (View previous year’s findings and media attention here.)

To take the 2013 survey, please click on this link before February 15th!: nonprofitfinancefund.org/2013survey. There is also a live link on the homepage of NFF’s website.
Feel free to pass on the link above to nonprofit managers you know—the more survey respondents, the more representative and accurate the findings will be.

NFF analyzes the results and provides them to all of us—nonprofits, government, foundations, lending institutions, media, and umbrella organizations—in late March. Survey respondents who choose to give their contact information will receive the results directly. I know I'll be checking the results as I prepare for Blueprint 2014.

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