Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Future of Philanthropy is Feedback

The future of philanthropy is feedback.

Think about it - every big force in the field - data, mobile giving, transparency, metrics, impact measurement, engagement, outcomes, social media, open source, end-to-end monitoring - rests on and accelerates feedback.

That is all.

(Check the link under feedback - Mari Kurashi of Global Giving knew this well before I did)


mashenka@dc said...

Yes, yes, and yes. And that with feedback comes the potential to make iteratively better decisions, which is to say, it doesn't have to be one big bet.

Lucy Bernholz said...


Doh! I just remembered your speech at Wharton on this. I knew that someone smart knew this before me. I've added the link in the post above and here it is



Julia Thornton said...

Totally agree! Last week, our foundation launched its first-ever Performance Report. We recognize it's a work in progress, so we are conducting a series of feedback exercises over the next several weeks to ensure the 2012 product is meaningful and relevant to our constituencies. http://www.humanityunited.org/performancereport2011.