Thursday, July 07, 2011

Trend Collision/Buzzword Smash

Consider this as a Hollywood pitch: "It's like Groupon + Hyperlocal + Crowdfunding. For Good"

Here it is - GiveCorps.

The irony? I was wasting my lunchtime on the brightest shiny object in today's tech skies (Google +) when this came through on that "old fashioned" news site, Twitter.


Jeff Raderstrong said...

I'll come clean--I found this the old old-fashioned way: Direct communication with a real-life person. My boss Victoria Vrana (@vppartners! Shout-out!) sent it to me. (Ok, over email. Close enough.)

Interesting that these fancy shiny toys all boil down to basic human interaction. I think that's lost sometimes. The technology doesn't mean anything if it isn't creating human interactions at their core.

Lucy Bernholz said...

I couldn't agree more.

Yay for Victoria Vrana!


Victoria Vrana said...

But as a busy real-life person, I have to say, without shiny online toys, I would rarely get to talk to anyone, including the two of you!

I haven't had a chance to dig through it yet, but I hope the GiveCorps model allows for lots of f2f, local connecting as well as online.

Yay for GiveCorps and engaging new donors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support! GiveCorps provides a fun and easy way to support local nonprofit projects and get discounts in return. The local aspect of our model allows us to create both an online and offline community. We launched in Baltimore last week and plan to launch I'm Philadelphia this fall

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support! GiveCorps provides a fun and easy platform to donate to local nonprofits and get dsicounts in return. The give local part of our model allows us to create both an online and offline community. We launched in Baltimore last week and plan to launch in Philadelphia this fall.

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