Monday, June 13, 2011

The new social economy

Rob Reich, Associate Professor of Political Science at Stanford, gave the "Class Day Last Lecture" to Stanford's Class of 2011 - a university tradition in which Maples Pavilion, home of the Stanford Basketball team, becomes a lecture hall for one, last lecture. If the video above is too small to read use this link.

Here is the video of Rob's giving the talk - start at 28 minutes in.

The graduating class chose Rob to give the lecture - a well-deserved honor for a fabulous professor. Embedded above is the presentation he gave - On The New Social Economy. This is a topic so near to my heart it's shapes the project Rob and I will be working on together this Fall at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Here's a writeup of the speech - I'll make the full video available as soon as I can get it.

There are few degrees of separation in this world. The presentation Rob used was designed by the same Irene Nelson who designs the Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint Series.

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