Thursday, February 18, 2010

Industry Forecast: Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2010


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Blueprint Research & Design, the company I founded, is thrilled to release the first ever independent annual industry analysis for philanthropy and social investing. "Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2010" was distributed in partnership with SSIR starting in December 2009 through national donor advised funds, private banks, wealth managers, community and private foundations, philanthropy associations, and large nonprofits. It is now available to everyone in printed form and formatted for the Kindle. Bulk copies are available at discounted rates.

Here's what some of the early readers had to say:

"Whether you read it and weep, or read it and cheer, Blueprint 2010 is a riveting and illuminating guide to the realities and implications of trends in the world of philanthropy happening right now. This is the perfect relevance conversation starter for foundation staffs and boards. Thanks for the sector-wide reality check!"
Doug Kridler, CEO, The Columbus Foundation
“I learned more in reading Bernholz’s Blueprint 2010 than I have in attending entire conferences on these topics. It elegantly, accessibly and succinctly sums up the most important trends in philanthropy. Funders and nonprofits: read it now to better navigate the messy year ahead.”
Katya Andresen, COO, Network for Good

The monograph results from the countless requests we get for speaking engagements and to "turn the blog into a book." We will be releasing new versions each year in December with practical, forward looking advice and insights about the year to come. Plan now to pre-order bulk copies of Blueprint 2011 for your board members, major donors, and community partners.

We are thrilled to have partnered with Stanford Social Innovation Review on this inaugural issue. Subscribers to SSIR can get a special discount on copies through the link at the bottom of the SSIR website.

Background about Blueprint and who the folks are behind the Blueprint.

Kindle Version - click here.

Hard Copies - click here.

SSIR Special Offer - click here. (Scroll down to bottom of home page for special offer)

Read it. Tell your friends, colleagues, funders, board members, and grantees. And, if you like it enough to blurb it, tell me - I'll post the best blurbs on the blog!


Betsy said...

Huge applause. Thanks for keeping us up to date and out of the dusty "trends" books.

Archana said...

Just ordered it and got my SSIR subscription, which I've been meaning to do forever.

Lucy Bernholz said...

Thanks for ordering and reading! Please let me know what you think - I'm already thinking about 2011.

Prediction Market said...

I just came across this site. You are my hero! Thank you for having more common snese than most.