Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Philanthropy Policy Project Mind Map

Lots of positive response to this post about building a crowd-informed Philanthropy Policy Project. You can join the conversation on twitter at #philpo. Here's a rough cut mind map of the policy domains that matter:

Here's a link Policies that influence Philanthropic Giving where you can edit and add. We may try to gather a working discussion on the 3rd day of #SoCap09 if you'll be at the conference.

Please let me know who you are and if you want to stay in touch with the work. You can do so in the comments on this post, by DM'ing me @p2173 on twitter, or emailing me: at lucy at blueprintrd dot com. If you want to build a wiki to host the map or other materials that would be great! If there are other blogs or communities you think would be interested, please cross post, tweet-invite them, or comment and direct them here.

Thanks to those who directed me to Mindmeister (@manmeetmehta) and suggested the #socap discussion (@sinatraj)
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