Thursday, May 22, 2008

Social media for social change

Yesterday, I hit the 1000th post mark on this blog. Whew. (Anyone wondering why I haven't delivered those manuscripts to my publisher now knows the answer).

In honor of that, I'm simply going to use this post # 1001 to draw your attention to what the experts over at ReadWriteWeb are saying about How to use Social Media for Social Change. I'm tickled that many of the things they point to I've written about here. Some examples:

Previously covered on 2173:
Not covered on 2173:

Amazing to me that RWW doesn't look at social media, social change and games.

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Unknown said...

i agree with you about the games angle.

fyi, there's a gaming for good group starting to form in london


p.s. i also think the discussion around social networks for social action has gone beyond the level of the RWW article; see for example (in due modesty)
social networking and social change
and the evolution of social action networks.