Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It wasn't even April Fools day

I checked the date of the post when I saw the headline that NBC is planning a superhero series called The Philanthropist. Wasn't posted on April Fools day, so who knows if its real or not.

Yesterday, as I waited in the airport, I watched the captions scroll by on Oprah. So far as I could tell her guest was one of the contestant's on Oprah's Big Give who had just been thrown off the island (or whatever they do on that show). The quote/caption that caught my eye (paraphrasing here) :

"No, I wouldn't change anything I did. The only thing that really bothers me is the competitive nature of the show. You see people in need, you should help them - not worry about winning."

Oprah nodded. But isn't that the premise of the show - competition? It's not really about giving, its about winning. And if that's not motivating enough, Come 2009 you can channel surf from Oprah to The Philanthropist for more daredevil feats of human goodness. Or something like that.

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