Friday, March 14, 2008

Foundation blogs - again

Peter Osnos writes about media for The Century Foundation. His weekly column, "The Platform" is one of my "must reads."As regular readers of this site know, I think the changes in the media business give us much to think about where philanthropy (and many other industries) are concerned.*

Anyway, beside taking time to appreciate some thinkers out there, the purpose of this post is to bring attention to The Century Foundation's new foundation-wide blog - online at Taking Note.
Here's a sample post, referring to the recent NYT article on philanthropy and school reform.

It joins a small circle, ZeroDivide's blog is another publicly accessible staff-wide blog from a foundation. Do you know of others? Please list them in the comments section so we can point to them as well.

*Here is a long overdue shout-out to Katherine Fulton and Andrew Blau for helping me understand anything that I do understand about media.


Chris O'Keeffe said...

Another staff (actually, it's open but mostly staff at this point)blog of potential interest (we're not a foundation, per se, but certainly a major social investor) is the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley's SpeakUnited

Lucy Bernholz said...

Thanks Christopher!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy - The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Pioneer Portfolio has a publicly accessible blog called Pioneering Ideas that features posts primarily from staff on the Pioneer team. From time to time, we'll also publish posts from RWJF's president and CEO, other program staff, grantees and others with whom we work. The blog lives online at

Susan Promislo